We can assist your business with services ranging from simple testing to leveraged programs focusing on applied research and innovation.

Our expert technical and academic staff ensure that our facilities and expertise are used to achieve your goals.

Industry research services

The main forms of industry interaction that we undertake are:

Direct use of instruments by industry users
You will be trained and provided with access in line with your level of competence. We charge commercial rates for these services.
Testing or consultancy services
The diversity of our expertise is considerable. Our academic staff can be contracted for consulting and expert-witness services to provide you with measurement, interpretation and analysis of data. We charge commercial rates.
Training courses build in-house competency and enable your staff to access our instruments.
Contract research and development projects
You can engage our expert staff to carry out research for you. Your company funds the costs of research including facility-time fees, consumables and salary for research staff or scholarships for students.
Leveraged research and development projects
These partnerships include Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage projects and can involve multiple collaborative partners. Your company gains access to our full range of academic and technical expertise and the projects can attract significant financial contribution from the ARC. You can build long-term alliances to solve your major research questions.

Our research spans biological, biomedical, chemical, earth and environment, and physical sciences.

Industry access rates

Hourly and per sample rates for all instruments will be equal to rates for publicly funded international researchers (same for all instruments bar SIMS) + 17.65 per cent +GST for all contract work up to $50,000 in any calendar year. These rates reflect UWA and CMCA's intention to make R&D activity more affordable for SMEs and pilot industry contracts.

For contracts in any one calendar year exceeding $50,000 in value, the rate will increase to the rates for publicly funded international researchers (same for all instruments except SIMS) + 53.85 per cent +GST.

Contracts in excess of $50,000 in any one year will involve a scope of work planned and executed by a team comprising industry researchers and CMCA staff who bring academic, technical and professional expertise to bear during the delivery of such a project. Often, economies of scale can be found to make these projects competitive in terms of the cost benefit equation to industry.

Individual subscriptions are not available to industry clients, but the CMCA group subscription category is available at publicly funded researcher rates +15 per cent +GST. This subscription is capped to 100 hours of usage before a new subscription is needed.