Course charges are only levied if an individual wishes to obtain training from CMCA by attending a training course, but does not wish to register and use CMCA's facilities under hourly or subscription use.

Publicly funded researchers External users
Short courses $450 $595

Please note:

  • Rates include limited use of consumables; excessive use will result in additional charges.
  • Cancellations must be advised to CMCA at least 48 hours prior to the start of the course.
  • Anyone who is registered for a course and does not attend (unless they cancel before the specified 48 hours) will be charged.
  • All rates are exclusive of GST.

Course dates

Training courses are held three times a year.

Enrolment in courses is done as part of registration.

Training courses in Electron Microscopy are held three times a year. Each course will run over 2 weeks.

Enrolment in courses is done as part of registration.

EM training courses 2020
COURSE      ROUND 1    ROUND 2    ROUND 3*
Scanning Electron Microscopy & Microanalysis        24 Feb1    29 June2   12 October3
Transmission Electron Microscopy & Microanalysis         9 Mar4     13 July5   26 October6


Notes: Online prerequisites must be completed by: (1) 16 February; (2) 21 June; (3) 4 October; (4) 1 March; (5) 5 July; (6) 18 October (* provisional dates)

Please note: All other training will be arranged and provided on a case by case basis.  Research projects and training needs will be discussed with the relevant Platform Leader.

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