This high-end instrument allows polychromatic flow cytometry analysis up to 18 different colours (17 simultaneously). It is equipped with a forward scatter PMT for analysis of submicron particles, and a high throughput sampler (HTS) allows automated analysis of 96 or 384 samples in plates, each with a volume as low as 22┬ÁL.

Analysis rates of up to 35,000 events per second and standard analysis time for a 96 well plate of 44 minutes in (approximately 15 minutes in high throughput mode).

Analyses include immunophenotyping, viability, DNA content, cell cycle, plant ploidy, DNA/RNA ratios, apoptosis measurements, cytokine expression, intracellular calcium, oxidative burst, intracellular pH, phagocytic activity and mitochondrial membrane potential. Flow cytometry analysis generates bivariate dot-plots and histograms which can be used to calculate population statistics and changes in mean- fluorescence intensity within the sample.


  • Immunophenotyping, protein or cytokine expression measurements
  • DNA cell cycle and plant ploidy measurements
  • Cell viability and apoptosis analysis
  • Enzyme measurements. For example, reactive oxygen species (ROS), calcium flux, intracellular pH, mitochondrial membrane potential, or phagocytic activity
  • Marine, river or lake water phytoplankton population analysis

Instrument specifications

  • 405nm, 488nm, 355nm, 561nm and 640nm excitation lasers
  • 18 fluorescence parameters (17 simultaneous)
  • A 100 mW blue laser with a forward scatter PMT (for measuring submicron particles)
  • Acquisition rate up to 35,000 events per second
  • Sampling from 96 and 384 well plates