The CyTOF is a tool that generates n-dimensional data to examine the properties of cells and materials. We provide access, support and training on the state-of-the-art Mass Cytometry instrument (CyTOF™, Fluidigm Inc.) to the entire research community and industry.

It combines the advantages of conventional flow cytometry analysis with Time of Flight Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS). Through the use of heavy metal ion tags with specific atomic mass instead of fluorochromes, the CyTOF allows for many more parameters to be investigated in a single cell at a rate of about 500-1000 cells/second. At the present time, this system can measure over 30 simultaneous parameters, allowing for complex immunophenotyping of cells as well as examining multiple internal cell targets, without the limitations of traditional fluorescence flow cytometry. Novel usage such as measuring the uptake of metal-based compounds and nanoparticles, use of intracellular metal-based biosensors, RNA detection and functional cytometry are also possible.

The CyTOF2 is equipped with a third party SuperSampler allowing for barcoding and walk away acquisition. The CyTOF is available to researchers under the subscription model, and is available for industrial usage and collaborations.

Please check the Fluidigm website for further information about mass spectrometry and the CyTOF2 brochure.

A Panel Designer tool is available at .

We have one Cytobank premium license that allows for SPADE and viSNE clustering analysis as well as access to a number of other software packages.

Please contact Dr Catherine Rinaldi for further project discussions.