The Bruker Avance IIIHD 600MHz NMR spectrometer


The 5 mm BBFO, 5 mm and 1.7 mm TXI and TBO probes offer either optimum 1H or optimum X sensitivity for a wide range of liquid and solution state homonuclear or heteronuclear experiments with sample volumes of 600 μL, 250 μL and 40 μL for standard tubes.  Shigemi tube options are also available at 3 mm and 5mm OD. The spectrometer has variable temperature capabilities for the study of molecular dynamics or reaction kinetics. It can also be employed for diffusion studies (DOSY) and relaxation measurements. The spectrometer is equipped with a SampleCase (24 samples) automatic sample changer.


  • 1D NMR Spectra of Solutions (routine 1H, 13C, 19F and 31P)
  • Biological NMR (proteins, peptides, nucleic acids; 1D, 2D and 3D NMR)
  • Metabolic NMR (targeted and profile studies)
  • Multidimensional NMR Studies
  • Multinuclear NMR Experiments
  • Nuclear Relaxation and Dynamics
  • Variable Temperature Studies
  • Reaction Kinetics
  • Diffusion Studies

Instrument specifications

  • 3 RF Channels plus 2H decoupling capabilities
  • Variable temperature capabilities
  • 5mm BBFO (31P-15N, 1H, 19F) probe with Z gradient and ATM accessory
  • 1.7mm TXI 1H {13C, 15N} indirect detection probe with Z gradients and ATM accessory
  • 5mm TXI 1H {13C, 15N} indirect detection probe with x,y,z gradients
  • 5mm TBO (31P-109Ag) observe probe, 1H, 31P decouple with Z gradient

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