Nikon A1RMP confocal and multiphoton microscope

The system is capable of simultaneous or sequential image collection using galvanometer and resonant scanners and four photomultiplier fluorescence detectors and a DIC transmission detector. The multiphoton components comprise a Coherent Chameleon II pulsed laser (700nm-1000nm), NDD detectors and the Nikon Apo 25x WMP dipping objective. An objective inverter will allow an effective upright configuration for the Nikon Ti E (inverted) microscope which is suitable for in vivo animal imaging.


  • Four colour confocal microscopy
  • Multipoint and live time-lapse imaging
  • Multiphoton imaging
  • High-speed resonant scanning
  • Transmitted light DIC imaging
  • In vivo imaging using objective inverter and dipping objectives

Instrument specifications

  • Inverted Nikon Ti E microscope
  • Nikon PlanApo objectives 10x-100x, air, water and oil immersion
  • Four 20mW solid state lasers – 405nm (violet), 488nm (blue), 561nm (yellow), and 638nm (red).
  • Coherent Chameleon II infrared laser (700nm-1000nm)
  • Galvanometer and Resonant scanners
  • Nikon Apo 25x Water MultiPhoton objective
  • Four PMT detectors
  • Four NDD (reflected light) detectors
  • NIS Elements software controlling all microscope components
  • LSMTech objective inverter and external stage
  • Perfect focus system (PFS)

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