Nikon Ti-E inverted motorised microscope with Nikon A1Si spectral detector confocal system running NIS-C Elements software.

The system is capable of simultaneous or sequential image collection using four photomultiplier fluorescence detectors, a 32-channel spectral detector and a transmission detector. Long-term time-lapse imaging is possible using the Tokai Hit stage top incubation system.

Two colour (488nm and 561nm) total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy is integrated into the microscope and high-speed image capture is available using the Andor 885 EMCCD camera, all of which is controlled by the NIS Elements software.


  • Four colour confocal microscopy
  • Multipoint and live time-lapse imaging using Tokai Hit incubation chamber
  • Spectral detection and unmixing
  • Transmitted light DIC imaging

Instrument specifications

  • Inverted Nikon Ti E microscope
  • Objectives 4x-60x, air, water and oil immersion
  • Four 50mW solid state lasers – 405nm (violet), 488nm (blue), 561nm (yellow), and 638nm (red).
  • Four PMT detectors
  • 32-channel spectral detector
  • Total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) – two colour (488nm and 561nm)
  • 885 EMCCD camera for high-speed image capture
  • NIS Elements software
  • Perfect focus system (PFS) for time-lapse imaging
  • Tokai Hit incubator for time-lapse imaging

Publishing data

Nikon objectives [PDF, 18.7 KB]
Updated 23 Aug 2012