A wide selection of equipment is available for both biological and materials sample preparation in our purpose fitted laboratories.

Training on appropriate sample preparation techniques will be provided as required.

An advanced induction is required to access specialised chemical and physical containment level 2 (PC2) laboratories and additional personal protective equipment may be required.

Sample preparation supplies

Limited sample preparation supplies are available to registered users in accordance with the supply list.

  • Bring your own forceps, specialist chemicals, diamond knives or CDs for data storage.
  • All listed items are for use within the Centre, and will not be supplied for preparation in other laboratories.
  • You will be charged for the use of consumables above reasonable amounts. This is particularly relevant to c-coated grids.
Supplies [PDF, 92.7 KB]
Updated 23 Aug 2012

Supplies [RTF, 114.6 KB]
Updated 23 Aug 2012

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