The Hysitron TI 950 TriboIndenter is the next generation nanomechanical test instrument providing industry-leading sensitivity and unprecedented performance. The TI 950 nano-indenter has been developed as an automated, high throughput instrument to support the numerous nanomechanical characterisation techniques developed by Hysitron.

The TI 950 nano-indenter system incorporates the newly developed performech™ Advanced Control Module, which greatly improves the precision of feedback-controlled nanomechanical testing, provides dual head testing capability for nano/micro scale connectivity and offers unprecedented noise floor performance. The numerous nanomechanical testing techniques currently offered, as well as new testing methods currently being developed, make the TI 950 nano-indenter system an exceptionally versatile and effective nanomechanical characterisation tool for the broadest range of applications.


Material Testing: Measurements of hardness, elastic modulus, wear resistance and electrical contact resistance

Instrument specifications

  • Indentation, scratch and wear testing
  • In-situ SPM imaging
  • Low load testing (up to 10mN; 5µm displacement)
  • High load testing (up to 2N; 80 displacement 80µm)
  • Dynamic Materials Testing (nanoDMAIII)
  • Electrical Contact Resistance (nanoECR)

Operating guides

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