We have world-class instruments and expertise in a range of analytical techniques.

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Research areas supported

Our staff and facilities support research across the University, Australian community and internationally.

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News from the Centre

The new MyScope module (badged as FEI) was recently launched at an education event with 300,000 children in Washington!

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We enable research excellence by providing world-class microscopy and microanalysis facilities and expertise to publicly funded researchers and industry.

Our expert academic, technical and professional staff support the full User Pathway from initial project discussion and planning, through to application of cutting-edge characterisation and analytical techniques, assistance with data interpretation, and publication.

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Our partners

  • Australia National Imaging Facility
  • BioPlatforms Australia
  • AuScope
  • Nkion
  • National Resource Sciences Precinct
  • Government of Western Australia, Jobs Tourism Science Innovation
  • Government of Western Australia, Health