Emergency procedures

In an emergency call:

External: 6488 2222

Internal: 2222

State clearly:

  • Nature of emergency
  • Location of emergency
  • Your name and contact details

Please ensure you are aware of the University's Safety, Health and Wellbeing guidelines

Physical Containment Level 2

PC2 certified facilities provide quarantined environments where organisms of moderate severity can be safely handled.

Certified PC2 facilities are available at CMCA@Perkins site.


Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Level 3, QQ Block, QEII Medical Centre

See the full list of instruments in the P2 Lab at CMCA@ Perkins

Any viable pathogenic PC2 samples that pose an aerosol risk cannot be brought in to the Centre.

Accessing PC2 facilities

Before using the facilities, people with PC2 samples must:

  • register and complete the appropriate training courses
  • provide a written protocol detailing sample transport and handling in the Centre, hazards and risks associated with the samples, and management of these risks, including prevention and clean up, which must also be approved by the relevant Centre academic/s
  • undertake a PC2 laboratory induction

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