Eligibility criteria

Subsidised internal rates apply to UWA Staff, Students, Visitors and Affiliates (including Adjunct, Clinical and Honorary appointments), when the project grant funding is administered by UWA.

If CMCA facility access is for a project with funding administered by another organisation, or has been commissioned by the funder, or has a commercial focus then associate rates will apply.

Membership fee paid on initial registration (inc. training in one platform, where applicable)

Honours & Masters by Coursework: $100
All others (PhD & Masters by Research, Post-docs & staff): $250

Training fee (per additional platform or instrument type)

All users: $100

CMCA staff operator charge

Staff: $40/hour (Please include an additional $40/hour UWA in-kind support on all grant applications. Total $80/hour)

Equipment access rates


Category 1

Category 2 

Category 3

Category 4

Category 5

Pay by the hour

$15 ($15/hour)

$30 ($30/hour)

$30 ($30/hour)

$55 ($55/hour)

$55 ($55/hour)

Pre-pay block of 50

$500 ($10/hour) 

$1,000 ($20/hour)

$1,000 ($20/hour)

Not available

Not available

Pre-pay block of 100

$750 ($7.50/hour)

$1,500 ($15/hour) 

$1,500 ($15/hour) 

$5,000 ($50/hour) 

Not available

Pre-pay block of 200

$1,000 ($5/hour)

$2,000 ($10/hour)

$2,500 ($12.50/hour) 

$9,350 ($46.75/hour)

Not available

Pre-pay block of 400

$1,250 ($3.12/hour)

$2,500 ($6.25/hour)

Not available

$17,600 ($44/hour)

Not available

Instrument groups

Category 0:

  • Sample prep & ancillary equipment: CryoEM preparation facilities, microtomes, vibratome, glow discharge unit, vacuum oven, critical point dryer, freeze dryer, furnace, geological sample prep room, anesthetic trolleys
  • Analysis workstations and software
  • Crawley campus and Perkins building visitor parking bays

Note: Complimentary access to Category 0 facilities is provided to all researchers who are registered to use other facilities at CMCA, e.g. instruments in Categories 1-4. Researchers wishing to access only facilities in Category 0, e.g. sample prep or data processing computers will be required to pay for access. Please enquire through CMCA Admin if you wish to do this. 

Category 1:

Category 2:

  • Electron Microscopy: FEI Titan TEM, JEOL F200 Screening TEM, FEI Helios FIB-SEM, FEI Verios SEM, Zeiss SEM, Tescan SEM, JEOL 8530F microprobe (x2)
  • Advanced Light Microscopy: Nikon A1Si, Nikon A1RMP, Nikon A1 FLIM/FCS, Nikon SIM, Nikon STORM
  • X-ray Microscopy: Zeiss Versa 520 XRM
  • Scanned Probe Microscopy: Cypher VRS AFM, Keysight 5500 SPM, WITEC Alpha 300RA+ Confocal Raman, Hysitron TI 950 Nanoindenter
  • Flow Cytometry: BD Canto, BD Fortessa, BD Calibur, Luminex 200, BD Influx, BD Melody, CyTOF, Beckman Coulter Z2, 10x Chrominium Genomics Platform, CellCelector
  • Bioimaging Facility: Bruker Skyscan 1176 micro-CT, CRi Maestro 2, Caliper IVIS Lumina II, FUJIFILM VisualSonics Vevo LAZR-X, FUJIFILM VisualSonics Vevo 3100

Category 3:

  • Cryo Electron Microscopy: JEOL F200 cryoTEM, JEOL F200 Screening TEM, JEOL IT800 cryoSEM

Category 4:

  • Pre-clinical MRI: Bruker Biospec 9.4T MRI

Category 5:

  • Large Field of View CT: Nikon XT H 225 ST

Advice for grant applicants

Researchers applying for grant funding are advised to calculate their microscopy and analysis budget based on the relevant hourly charge (and not to incorporate block discounts into their budget). For grant schemes where UWA will provide in-kind support, the Internal rate ($15, $30 or $55) should be requested from the funding agency and the in-kind contribution from UWA should be included as $30, $60 or $110, respectively to reflect UWA’s two-thirds in-kind support for your access to CMCA facilities. 

Competitive Neutrality

Internal users should note that undertaking commercial work at the UWA internal rate is considered to be a breach of CMCA policy and may also be illegal under the Trade Practices Act 1974 administered by the ACCC. Internal users who need to undertake microscopy on behalf of a commercial client must discuss this with the platform leader prior to commencing work.