How to access CMCA facilities

CMCA is accessible to all researchers, including those in universities, medical institutes, government laboratories, and industry. The CMCA’s expert academic and professional staff are also able to provide analytical services to commercial clients.

For commercial enquiries, please contact us to discuss your requirements

For all other research access, please see the information below.

Research access

Researchers wanting to access CMCA facilities follow a four-step process:

1. Engage & plan

Contact CMCA's expert staff to discuss your project and determine what microscopy and microanalytical techniques are required.

CMCA infrastructure is grouped into Platforms comprising one or more related instruments and supporting staff.

Already know what technique you need?

Please contact the relevant Platform staff using the links below, providing a brief outline of your project, how you plan to use microscopy in your research, anticipated timelines, and attaching relevant references.

More information on the capabilities of our Platforms can be found on our Facilities page.

Not sure what method(s) you need to use to answer your research question?

Please submit an enquiry to one of our discipline-focused enquiry emails and you will be contacted by staff from relevant Platforms:

2. Register

For all Platforms except Metabolomics and Proteomics, before their project can commence, all researchers are required to complete the CMCA’s online registration form. This is a one-off process and is only required at the start of each new project.

To complete the registration form you will need to provide contact details for you, your supervisor (if you are a student), and an emergency contact. Based on your discussions with CMCA Platform staff, you will select the relevant Platforms/techniques and provide some additional details of your project.

You will also need to provide payment details (Business Unit and Project Grant numbers for UWA researchers) for your one-off Membership Fee (see Rates page).

The registration form can be found by clicking on the ‘To Register’ link here.

3. Train

For most CMCA Platforms, CMCA staff will provide training so that researchers can undertake data acquisition and processing themselves. It is also possible to pay CMCA staff to undertake work for you (see Rates page).

Upon submission of your registration form, CMCA Platform staff will contact you to arrange your training.

4. Purchase instrument time

In 2021, CMCA is moving to a new charging model where researchers can either opt to pay by the hour or can pre-purchase blocks of instrument time at a discount. The larger the pre-purchased block, the larger the discount.

Some CMCA Platforms, e.g. Metabolomics, Proteomics, Ion Probes, ICP-MS, slide scanner, operate under their own charging model.

Details of the 2021 charges and options can be found on our Rates page.

Transition arrangements

CMCA is currently transitioning to a new charging and access model for 2021. Until all researchers have moved to the new model, the following transition arrangements will be in place:

1. Researchers with current, active subscriptions for CMCA access will continue to have the same level of access they have now until their subscription expires. If they renew their CMCA access they will switch to the new access and charging model.

2. Researchers whose subscriptions are due for renewal before December 31, 2020 can submit their registration form as usual to renew their access. Their current subscription will be extended to January 31, 2021 at no cost and their access to CMCA will continue under the existing rules until then. Anyone renewing their access in this way will be contacted in January with information about how they can purchase access under the new 2021 model and will then switch to the new model.

3. Researchers wishing to access CMCA for the first time are welcome to register at any time by completing the current CMCA registration form. They will not be charged at this time and will not be able to join CMCA under the previous subscription model. They will be contacted in January with information about how they can purchase access under the new 2021 model. Any requests from new researchers wanting immediate access to CMCA facilities in December will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

Out-of-hours access

The CMCA’s normal working hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. It is possible for researchers with sufficient instrument experience to request out-of-hours access to some Platforms. If you are interested in working outside the CMCA’s normal working hours, please contact the relevant Platform using the contact emails above.

General enquiries

If you have questions about how to access CMCA that cannot be addressed by contacting one of the Platforms or discipline-specific emails, you can contact CMCA Admin.

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