The Bruker Avance IIIHD 500MHz NMR spectrometer is capable of a wide range of NMR experiments.

Standard operation uses 5 mm BBFO but other options exists for specialist applications including 10mm BB and Dual probe options. The spectrometer is also capable of nuclear relaxation and variable temperature operation to study molecular dynamics or reaction kinetics. It can also be employed for diffusion studies (DOSY) and relaxation measurements using its Diff30 probe. The spectrometer is equipped with a SampleXpress (60 samples) automatic sample changer for medium throughput applications..


  • 1D NMR Spectra of Solutions (routinely 1H, 13C, 19F and 31P – and the Bruker BB range of measurable nuclei)
  • Multidimensional NMR Studies
  • Multinuclear NMR Experiments
  • Variable Temperature Studies, Reaction Kinetics, Relaxation and Diffusion Studies

Instrument specifications

  • 2 RF Channels plus 2H lock channel
  • Variable Temperature capabilities
  • 5mm BBFO (31P-15N, 1H, 19F) probe with Z gradient and ATM accessory
  • 10mm BB (31P-109Ag ) observe probe , 1H decouple with Z gradient and ATM accessory
  • 5mm 1H {13C,15N} indirect detection probe with Z gradient
  • 5mm 13C{1H} Dual probe
  • 10mm BB (31P-183W) observe probe, 1H decouple

Publishing data

Contact us for publishing data: Dr Gareth Nealon 

Further Information


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