Leica (Aperio) Scanscope Digital Slide Scanners

There are two high-performance digital microscope slide scanners in CMCA. Both instruments store scanned images in a managed database where they can be viewed remotely, annotated and captured using ImageScope software with full control over magnification and field of view. A suite of image analysis algorithms is available for quantitative analysis, including analysis of tissue microarrays (TMAs).

ScanScope OS


This is a manually controlled high-resolution oil immersion digital scanner.

The instrument produces high-resolution, transmitted-light images using a 100x oil immersion objective to capture high-quality brightfield images from stained sections on standard sized microscope slides.


  • Digital brightfield slide scanning
  • Image analysis of histological sections
  • Batch image analysis processing

Instrument specifications

  • Brightfield microscope slide scanners
  • Magnifications — 50x and 100x (Scanscope OS)
  • Individual oil immersion scanning (Scanscope OS)
  • Takes standard microscope slides (75mm x 25mm)
  • eSlide Manager (Spectrum) data management system

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Teaching tool – Meyer's Histology website

Meyer's Histology website is an online international website to teach histology, developed by Professor Geoff Meyer in the School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology at The University of Western Australia. Professor Meyer used the Aperio scanner in CMCA to scan many of his teaching slides and was assisted by CMCA staff. His website is being used by international universities for teaching histology, including UCLA and the Royal College of Pathologists Australia (RCPA). To view the site, go to the link below:

Publishing data