The Zeiss VersaXRM TM family is the latest generation of 3D X-ray microscopy (XRM) solutions optimised for non-destructive micro tomography.

Xradia Micro CT

The Zeiss VersaXRM-520 advances industry and science with a versatile combination of world-leading resolution and contrast, sample flexibility and the large working distance required to address emerging research challenges. The system's source technology and high-resolution detector provide unmatched sub-micron resolution, even for large samples.


  • X-ray micro CT
  • Absorption and phase contrast
  • Dual energy CT

Instrument specifications

  • 160kV high-energy microfocus X-ray source and staging
  • 2k x 2k high-resolution 16-bit CCD digital camera assembly
  • MACRO-70 (0.4X) large field of view camera assembly)
  • Zeiss high-contrast, low resolution, 4X detector
  • Zeiss high-contrast, ultra-high resolution, 20X detector for high energy
  • Zeiss high-contrast, ultra-high resolution 40X detector
  • 4-axis tomography motorised precision sample stage with load capacity of 15g, with 360 degree capability
  • Zeiss data acquisition software on a high-speed workstation with graphics acceleration Zeiss fast GPU based 3D tomography image reconstruction software Zeiss 3D Viewer
  • Two high-powered work stations for visualisation and data processing running Avizo Fire

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