The Dimension 3000 Scanning Probe Microscope can operate as Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) to obtain three-dimensional images of sample surfaces on the nano-scale.

Measurements can be performed in air and in-situ, allowing the investigation of the topography of a large variety of samples, ranging from hard samples (crystals, metals, etc.) to soft samples (polymers, gels, bacteria, etc.). Using Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM), the system also can acquire simultaneously magnetic and topography information of a sample. Apart from imaging, the interaction force between a sample and a probe can be monitored with AFM Force Spectroscopy measurements.


  • Operation in air and in solution
  • Contact mode AFM
  • Tapping mode AFM
  • Magnetic force microscopy (MFM)
  • AFM force spectroscopy

Instrument specifications

  • x-y scan range: 300nm-60µm
  • z scan range: max. 4µm
  • operation in air and in solution (aqueous)

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