Scanning probe microscopy enables three-dimensional imaging at the nanometer scale by scanning a very sharp probe across a surface.


Measurements can be carried out in air and in situ. The probe can also be used to manipulate the sample surface at the nanometer scale.

    Confocal raman imaging and AFM

    Co-localised confocal Raman microscope and AFM to perform both chemical mapping and three-dimensional AFM imaging of a sample. The system can be used for confocal Raman microscopy, confocal optical microscopy and AFM individually or for combined confocal Raman microscopy and AFM (such as Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS).

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    Nanomechanical testing

    Measurement of hardness, elastic modulus and wear resistance at the nanoscale.

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    Keysight 5500 SPM

    The Keysight Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) is a multi-functional research system for atomic force microscopy (AFM)and scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM), providing atomic scale resolution 3-dimentional imaging of surfaces.

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    Atomic force microscopy (AFM)

    Three-dimensional imaging in air and in solution down to the nanometer range.